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You don’t have to be a superhero. You’re strong enough. You already have the tools, no matter the type of birth you have. Whether you’re psyched for birth or completely freaked out, we will stand beside you.

Birth is a period when you may feel both resolute and vulnerable. Imagine having someone with you by your side continuously, who has not only been there herself, but has walked alongside many other families before you. Consider the advantage of having a doula who is versed in the signs of labor, can normalize what you are experiencing, is knowledgable about obstetrical language and options, and is capable of supporting you and your partner at home, in the car and at your birth location.

Know that we can help you determine when to go to the hospital or birth center, how to establish breastfeeding, and how to transition into a postpartum routine as a new family. We will be available to you for questions, large and small. We will champion your strength and hear your uncertainty. Choose to birth with a doula who respects your choices, understands your fears, and has the resources and perspective to respond to your needs.

We are a partnership of two experienced doulas serving Baltimore, Towson, Bel Air and surrounding areas who share the professional vision that the presence of a doula can change the course of your birth, that support can be provided with cultural sensitivity, and that your strength and concerns are to be honored.

Our motto is simple: Your birth. Our support.

Baltimore doulas make birth easier

You’ll do amazing things.
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What We Do

Birth Doula Support

Consider the advantage of having a doula who is versed in the signs of labor, can normalize what you are experiencing, is knowledgable about obstetrical language and options, and is capable of supporting you and your partner at home, in the car and at your birth location.

Postpartum Doula Support

Know that we can help you determine how to establish breastfeeding, and how to transition into a postpartum routine as a new family. We will be available to you for questions, large and small. We will champion your strength and hear your uncertainty.

Placenta Encapsulation & Infusion

Everything that your baby requires before birth is produced by or travels through your placenta. It is a bountiful reserve of nutrients and hormones that connects you to your child. After you birth your baby, you can nourish your own body from the same rich supply.

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Where We Go

Our office is located at 2603 North Charles Street in Baltimore. We support births throughout Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Harford County. Hospitals we frequent include St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Sinai Hospital, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, GBMC, St. Agnes Hospital, University of Maryland Medical Center, Maryland General Hospital, Baltimore-Washington Medical Center, Mercy Medical Center, Upper Chesapeake Medical Center and more.

Who We Are

We are a partnership of two individual birth workers with a shared professional vision. Your care is our professional priority. As doulas, we are honored to serve families throughout the childbearing years. Making informed decisions regarding the birth of your baby are the first steps in a lifelong parenting journey. We are guided by your wishes for a safe, compassionate entry for your baby.

It is our intention to help your family grow in cooperation with your care provider, in the interest of optimal physical and emotional health for mother and baby. As doulas, we believe that a woman can successfully cope with labor in a variety of ways. We can offer you information about alternative modalities and approaches which may complement the scope of care that you desire for your birth. We believe that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes through which, when supported by provider, family and community, a mother can realize her strength and a family can grow.

What Our Clients Say

  • We have nothing, but great things to say about Emily and Carla. They are wonderful, supportive and well-informed doulas. Anytime I felt nervous or had a question during my pregnancy and post-partum, I would send them a text and they would promptly respond and were available to talk to me and answer any questions I had. I always left our conversation re-assured! We also really appreciated having them there during my labor and delivery- they were a calming presence, helping me (and my husband!) through that special experience. Looking forward to working with you in the future, with baby #2!E.
  • Carla comes into a room with a wave of peacefulness. That is how she came into the birth of my son. She scooped me up and walked with me. She was like a behind the scenes director, sharing my needs, protecting me, guarding me. And everyone around respected her and admired her. Carla was standing with me, holding my hand and just loving me and my husband.L.
  • Emily transcended all of my expectations as a birth partner. She was completely present and in tune with my needs, and was integral to establishing a relaxed, warm and safe environment throughout the entire pregnancy and birthing process.  I cannot speak highly enough of her!J.
  • Carla is wonderful!!! Not only did she take care of my daughter during the birth of my granddaughter, she made sure I was okay during the process. Couldn’t have gotten through it without her support. She is an amazing woman!!R.
  • As a midwife, I understand the importance of having a doula attended birth. The impact of having an experienced birth attendant is invaluable! These women are excellent!!!C.
  • Due to a medical issue, I needed to be induced at 39 weeks-which was very much against my ideal birth plan-but with their help I managed a tear-free vaginal delivery without pain medication in a hospital setting in spite of the Cervadil, dreaded Pitocin and laboring on my back. Carla’s runner focus helped me stay focused on my goals during the intense Pitocin-induced contractions and Emily’s physical assistance helped counteract their pain, all the while both of them maintaining a calm and soothing presence, effortlessly swapping out support as needed during the many hours of my labor.N.
  • By strategizing with us ahead of labor, they eased our anxiety, and by guiding us during labor, they enabled us to enjoy the experience rather than fear it. Even in the postpartum period, which for us can feel isolating, their house visits and phone calls were a great comfort. Through their guidance and friendship they empowered us to enter this new stage of parenthood confidently.A.
  • Love! Couldn’t have done it without my ladies! Mobtown Doulas were our life savers in our 5 week early birth experience. The end result is just adorable.J.
  • I can’t imagine having gone through the birth of my daughter without the support of Emily and Carla. They were spectacular! They knew exactly when and where they were needed and when to step back. They backed us up and knew just how to work with the healthcare professionals in the room. They became part of a great team of people who made her birth a pleasure. I would recommend hiring a doula to everyone, and hiring Mobtown Doulas if you are in the Baltimore area.M.
  • From the moment I met Carla and Emily, I knew we were in good hands. Their warmth and calm energy was a wonderful support during my intense labor. I love the way they made sure to include my husband in the process by guiding him in comfort measures and ways to support me as we welcomed our son but also encouraged him to take breaks when he needed them. The time they spent getting to know us in our prenatal visit and also the postpartum follow up was just as meaningful to us as having them with us for our baby’s birth.J.

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