Zika virus and mosquitoes during pregnancy

Should I Worry about Zika Virus if I’m Pregnant?

Jennifer German, PhD Blog

Although the East Coast is rebounding from a record snowfall, a summertime pest has been the focus in the news. Mosquitos have grabbed international headlines along with a virus that they spread. Suddenly, Zika virus is everywhere. With the onslaught of information, I decided to sit down and clarify some of the salient points about Zika and how it relates to pregnancy health.

Did You Cry When Your Children Were Born?

Carla Blog

When I heard my first baby inhale for the first time, I cried. Perhaps it was the sheer exhaustion. (I had no idea what exhaustion was at that point.) Was it relief? The triumph of actually doing what my body had been preparing to do for 41 weeks. Or perhaps the visceral realization that with that first breath, I was finally and absolutely a mother?