Placenta encapsulation in Baltimore and Towson

Placenta Encapsulation & Infusion Services

Replenish your body with the gifts of your labor.

Placenta Encapsulation & Infusion Services

Replenish your body with the gifts of your labor.

Baltimore Placenta Encapsulation with Mobtown Doulas

You’ll work harder than ever.

Childbirth is one of life’s greatest challenges, both physically and emotionally. It is both revitalizing and depleting, regardless of how you birth.

As doulas, we are invested in the needs of the women we serve and place a great emphasis on the postpartum recovery and healing period. It is a critical time for support as you reclaim your body during the transition from pregnancy to parenting. From both personal and professional experience, we have come to value the role the placenta can play in that transition.

Everything that your baby requires before birth is produced by or travels through your placenta. It is a bountiful reserve of nutrients and hormones that connects you to your child. After you birth your baby, you can nourish your own body from the same rich supply.

Placenta capsules in Baltimore

Placenta Capsules

Nourish your body and mind with your placenta.

Women have reported having more energy, healing faster, and experiencing an improved state of mind.

While you nurture your newborn, your capsules replenish you by…
  • Reducing fatigue
  • Increasing breastmilk production
  • Shortening healing time
  • Preventing postpartum depression
  • Restoring a more balanced bodily function
  • Providing an overall feeling of wellness

Placenta tincture in Towson

Placenta Tincture

Extend the benefits even further.

A tincture has a long and stable shelf life so you can return to its restorative properties again and again.

Your tincture can be reserved for later episodes of stress, anxiety or hormonal shifts with…
  • Your first postpartum menstrual cycle
  • Weaning
  • Menopause

Placenta salve in Baltimore

Placenta Salve

Heal all of you.

A salve is an herbal tonic for your skin, extending the healing nature of your placenta to external ailments.

Your salve can be used externally for…
  • Rashes
  • Scrapes
  • Cuts
  • Burns

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Recover faster after birth in Baltimore with placenta encapsulation

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the process of steaming, dehydrating then grinding the placenta into a course powder to be placed into gelatin capsules for ingestion.
We offer the traditional method of encapsulation, which incorporates elements of traditional Chinese medicine. It involves steaming your placenta with ginger and lemon for balance as well as to destroy bacteria, then dehydrating and grinding it to a coarse powder to be placed in capsules.
The entire process is done in your home to ensure peace of mind, safety and cleanliness. It also allows us the opportunity to discuss any postpartum concerns you may be having while we are with you. During our stay, we will need use your kitchen, including the sink, stove, counter and an electrical outlet.
We will provide you with a cooler and appropriate supplies for transporting your placenta. You will bring your placenta home from the hospital and store it in your refrigerator until we arrive to begin the process.
We will begin the process within four days of your birth. Before encapsulation begins, your placenta should be kept refrigerated. If, for any reason, it’s not possible to start encapsulation within four days, your placenta can be stored in the freezer for up to three months.
We will prepare your placenta at your home over two consecutive days, for approximately two hours each day. After the first day, our dehydrator will remain in operation in your home overnight. On the second day, the process will be completed and you will be provided with your capsules, tincture, and/or salve along with guidelines for usage.
The cost of encapsulation depends on the products included in your package. We do offer a discount to clients who are also scheduling doula services with us. We’d love to talk to you about how we can make encapsulation part of your postpartum plan. Please use the form above to contact us.
The final product of our encapsulation process is about 150-200 vegetarian gelatin capsules. The capsules are clear and filled with brown, coarsely ground placenta, which resembles nutmeg.
A placenta tincture, which takes six weeks to infuse, is a highly concentrated liquid extract of placenta using high-quality alcohol. It has a long and stable shelf life, does not require refrigeration and is easy to administer. The tincture can be reserved for later episodes of stress, anxiety and hormonal shifts which may accompany the first postpartum menstrual cycle, weaning or menopause. Tincture preparation can be added on to the encapsulation process.
A placenta salve is a healing herbal ointment infused with placenta which may be used externally for rashes, scrapes, cuts and burns. Salve preparation can be added on to the encapsulation process.

While we are informed by basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine, drug safety for breastfeeding, food handling guidelines, blood-borne pathogen handling guidelines, and historical and anecdotal information, it is important to know the following:

  • The information presented here or by our practitioners has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • The information presented here or by our practitioners is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
  • Our practitioners are not medical professionals.

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